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Our  Kingdom  Come

by The Hippy Coyote

Fingers weakened upon my arm

You're safe with me

Beyond their harm


Our kingdom is no longer here

We are lost in Winter's year

Our kingdom is sold to hate

We've lived too long

We've lived too late


Tell me where your darkness goes

We'll meet again

Where love still grows


One more kiss feels warm

The howling wind a circle storm

Half my life is missing

Only the statue of love is kissing


The eagles' wings are fluttered cold

The future's black the past is gold

Take me in your sharp sweet claws

I'm going back, wthout a track

To where I'll live God's laws

Where Teepees warm and children play

Where hunting's good, and Braves have stood


The sunset closes the skies

To white man lies

Where redman dies

The eagle caught will never fly

The lips of peace are too bloody to cry

I wish to fight and fight to die

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