CD Cover of LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind  


LEVEL 3 Bass Poetry:

My Lesbian Neighbors

by The Hippy Coyote


Wild and ferocious
Tattooed with loud voices
They taunt each other with vulgarities
Ripping up the silence of their choices

Every Friday they howl
In the dirt lot beside my house
Like freshly freed freshmen
In a dormitory joust

With the gruffness of old sailors
And the bouncy boobs of a fat lady
Their hair is constantly changing colors
After being arrested for something shady

Yes, I'm talking about my lesbian neighbors
"Girls without men," I refer to them
Hardened like the seamen of Moby Dick
Velvet and spice, I wish they'd be nice

Like spiders and flies
In their lost web of lies
They netted a skinny one, because of what he owns
His body piercings weigh as much as his bones

They chase him around naked
With a beer bong reward
The abuse that they give him
He seems to look for

Credit card scams
Stolen drugs from the vet
He inherited some money
That's why they keep him as a pet

So they buy a big van
And a house out of town
I don't know how it began
But I'm glad they're not around

As a skunk walks up the driveway
I close my windows again
Shutting out the smell
Instead of the tattooed lesbians


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CD Album Title:  "LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me"
Artist:  American Zen
Record Company:  Shaolin Records
Released:  September 11, 2008

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