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I awoke from a dream, just minutes ago.

It was colored by events of my past, images that I must overlook and see beyond, they are merely the stage props and wardrobe that exists in the backstage of my mind.

The importance of the dream is the storyline of love.

Perhaps the overall storyline is another stage dressing.

There was a girl.

She looked exactly like an actress, that everyone knows.

Her image is unimportant, perhaps incredibly misleading.

Her similarity to the last girl I slept with, is I think, the only reason I was able to imagine her face.

I imagined her face, because I couldn't love a girl without some kind of face.

I loved this girl.

She was from another country.

I don't think that that country matters either. It was merely a country that had less obstacles to confuse my dreams.

She had a color of hair, but that also, is entirely unimportant, as I'm looking for the girl, not the stage props.

We spent time together in this dream, it was incidental but beautiful.

There were other women, but none were of any significance to me, as the other persons of all ages were unimportant to me. Only her.

When she was about to depart from my world, leave my life, and return to her country, I became superhuman. I bounded down a maze of steps carrying huge pieces of lumber as if they were long feathers held on my shoulders.

Distance was of no consequence. Each of my jumps would have broken my legs was effortless.

Only when I reached her side did my world have the calm peace, contentment, and satisfaction every person seeks, whether they know it or not.

I asked her, "What do you want from life?"

She replied, "I want someone who loves life and loves to love."

I said, "That's too easy, everyone should want that."

I insisted, "There must be more that you seek from life or someone."

She looked at me, and smiled.

I awoke.

I realized that she was my PERFECT MATE, my PERFECT PARTNER, my PERFECT LOVER, because she wanted what I wanted. She wanted my success. She wanted my satisfaction.

I laid in bed, shocked that it was so simple. I have a huge list of things I want in my life. There is little time in my life to accomplish but a handful of them, but I cannot add the dreams of someone else to my list. My dreams must be her dreams. My success is her success. My efforts are her efforts.

As I quickly glanced at all the women in my life, I realized that the only moments I cherish with any of them, were the times when those women fit into my world, fit into my plans and supported my efforts.

Like two wolves in the forest, our enemies were always the same enemies. Our goals were always the same goals.

I smiled with a warm sensation wrapping intself around my body, my heart and my soul.

I realized that within those cracks of time that I wasn't pursuing my dreams, creating my art, accomplishing my goals, and achieving my successes: within those cracks I would love my partner with all that I am capable of loving. She need not request or demand love. She would know when there was an opportunity, just as I would, and within those moments, we would be together, in the same place, and we would love each other to our fullest, every day, for the rest of our lives.

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May 1, 2010




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