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Part 2: 3rd Degree Master Mason poem:
Sympathy For The Devil

This poem, written August 25, 2013
refers to the book, History of Zen from A to Z
by Richard Del Connor that was dictated by Saten (Satan).

Southern UtahHe wasn't my friend - or was he?
He wasn't ever threatening to hurt me
As he stood beside my chair
The history of time - he did share

His point of view - his side of the story
Without excuses or seeking glory
Perhaps The AntiChrist brought him to me
He was calm unemotional - not at all scary

Explaining to me in an alphabet game
How human survival was his greatest shame
Ordered by God to create Eden for them
How he seduced Eve for procreation

Then Saten shared a few other tales
To clarify how easily an Angel fails
When helping humans to achieve success
Resulting in suffering - a byproduct of business

Perhaps some sympathy The Devil is due
He did what he did - God told him to


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