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About The Coyote

by Steve Hixon

Coyote's been in Utah and that was a mistake.

I told him it was a mistake, but he did it anyway.

Now Coyote says, "that was a mistake!"

Friends need to listen to their friends.

Coyote's move didn't break up the band, but we lost what held us together. Coyote's the spirit of American Zen, and without him, we're just a Southern California blues band.

This next album is pulling us all back together now. Coyote's got some great material now that he's out of the land of Jesus Jammies.

We're supposed to be on this Buddhist enlightenment trip. I think we've all grown up a little, but we need some serious studio time before I'm advancing to the next level.

Yeah, I'm still a little peeved at Coyote for splitting. But he's back now, and we've got great songs to record. This next batch of songs should help us get on the radio. Coyote's singing about sex and love instead of religion and politics.

Keep writing those great songs of yours - but listen to your friends more.

Steve Hixon
Drummer, American Zen

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