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History of Zen from A to Z

Here is the newest truth that will revolutionize traditional thinking as it exposes 4,000 years of spiritual coverups and human heresy, according to his "inside source." Co-written by "Saten?" (Satan said he wanted a new spelling for his new image.)

The story of Adam and Eve is revealed including: Saten's tempting of Eve in the Garden of Eden. Other stories include, the Tower of Babel, and a new version of the creation of Zen Buddhism by Bodhidharma -- with Saten alongside.

Cowritten by Satan

Masonic Kung Fu - BOOK 1

Richard researched the history of this Kung Fu Form and discovered it was created by a Chinese martial artist who added it to the Chinese government Jing Mo school in 1938, as the Japanese were invading China. Richard will continue to research this Kung Fu and has been assured the assistance of the Chinese Free & Accepted Masons.

Chinese teenage heroes, a British Freemason, and an invading army of Japanese infantry. Based upon true incidents and the Masonic Kung Fu dance discovered by Richard Del Connor on June 9, 2009 after he became a 3rd Degree Master Mason.


Freemasonry in 1937 China

Tai Chi Beginner Class Reading Manual

This book is the CLASS READING MANUAL of the Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan school. Since 1992 Shaolin Chi Mantis has taught the Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form in 16 lessons over 16 weeks along with historical and inspirational essays that correspond to the Daoist intentions of each section of this unique martial arts dance.

Now, after using this book, Tai Chi Beginner, in over 100 classes and testing it on more than 1,000 students with required class reading sessions of the entire book -- we bring you the Tai Chi Beginner - CLASS READING MANUAL.


Life changing student manual
student manual book

Shaolin Kung Fu Initiate

This book was created in 1995 to explain:
    Shaolin Chi Mantis Kung Fu School;
    "SCM 7-Year Curriculum;"
    graduating SCM Initiate Program;
    commitment to Shaolin Chi Mantis;
    Buddhist Kung Fu concepts;
    Buddhist Head Shaving Ceremony;
    discourage students incapable.

This is the book to transform your life from being whoever and whatever you are into a Kung Fu HERO. Shaolin Chi Mantis is a school for creating Kung Fu heroes in the ancient traditions of the original ZEN BUDDHIST WARRIORS of the Shaolin Temple.

The start of true Zen Buddhism
student manual book

The AntiChrist

This book is so controversial and upsetting that we cannot offer it for sale without a release form. There is some amazing poetry and beautiful rhymes... and enlightening historical information... and rarely known Biblical information... and then incest, rape, lies, treachery, deceit, cover-ups, inbreeding and child abuse...

Without the required release form we can't protect many of the people involved in this book. Many of the culprits and victims are dead, but since some of their descendents are alive...


Epic poem of Paradise Lost
epic poem book

Release Form Required

The Potatoe Valentine
     & Other Love Poems

These poems are the intellectual and spiritual journey of Coyote's submission to his memories. Follow his poetic soul's quest for love with willingness to take the blame for lost loves.

In 2010 Richard wrote most of the Human Values for Success in Family and Business. He was proud to announce it's completion on his birthday of 2011.
This is the book that bridged the gap between Coyote's romantic memories and the unknown possibilities due to the secrets and deceptions he was a victim of.


Epic poetry by Coyote poetry book

Rainbow In The Shade

This is Coyote's FIRST EPIC POEM. Since 1964, Coyote wrote poems and lyrics that strived for brevity and symbolism using as few words as possible and taking up as little space on the paper as possible.

This poem, "RAINBOW IN THE SHADE," is Coyote's first poem that exceeds 10,000 words, qualifying it as both a one-poem book, and an EPIC POEM in the tradition of Lord Byron, Wordsworth, and John Milton.

Coyote's first EPIC POEM
epic poem book

Connor Black Hole Bubble Theory

Publishers decided that Coyote's wild theories would "shake up the fabric of human civilization and lead to ultimate chaos." Wow. Appears the Vatican is still controlling the world's science.

So now, for the first time anywhere or anytime in human history, these theories are revealed to the public.


Coyote Redefines Reality
science theory book

Coyote In A Graveyard

Michael J. Fox enjoyed it so much he became a supporter of the show and performed on stage with Coyote.

Coyote was attending UCLA Film School, (he graduated in 1988), and wrote this rock opera incorporating recent songs that were inspired by a broken romance. The result: a rock opera, COYOTE IN A GRAVEYARD that takes place in a mental hospital. The hero of this story, Thumper, has hallucinations that other people can see and he has a second residence in a nearby cemetary...



4 Decades of Love

40 years of love affairs in lyrics and music.

Includes: Oh Michelle, Don't Forget, Forever is Just Tonight, Run To Me, Together and Free, Hello Again, Wishwood Bridge, Backseat Love, All Around The World, You'll Find Me, Carol, Elaine, House of Rejection, Half A Dollar Bill, I Want You To Love Me, No It Wasn't A Dream, Simple Lady, I Know, Christmas Is, Just For You, All Screwed Up, From Within, But I Got, The End The Horizon, I'm Certain I'm Not Sure, and I Just Want To Be With You.

40 years of Love Songs guitar lyric book

Handwritten ROUGH DRAFT of book created by The Hippy Coyote to plan album songs of LEVEL 4 = KUNG FU COWBOY.

   There were 36 songs on the album when Coyote was done composing and using songs from the past, so, we created the DOUBLE ALBUM.

   The double album became a 4-album journey as Coyote realized this gave him a chance to release a BLUES RECORD.

   Read the book that was the original blueprint for the LEVEL 4 = KUNG FU COWBOY albums. Coyote's handwritten poetry and readable scribbles provide a unique view of Coyote's unique view of reality.

   LEVEL 4 is a level of Kung Fu and enjoying life to its fullest. Good health, good thinking, good actions, and good intentions lead to a unique section of the path to LEVEL 8 of Zen Buddhism.

Handwritten poetry of Coyote
autobiography and poetry book


Sid's Place
Novel by The Hippy Coyote about drug runners and revolutionaries in 1969.

Includes DISCOGRAPHY of The Coyote with photos and links to various music of The Coyote...

If you've never taken LSD before, this book may be the closest experience you'll have to the real thing, which doesn't exist anymore thanks to Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. This book depicts the world as it was at the beginning of America's "War On Drugs." Visit the underground world of the Flower Power Years before the D.E.A. created the drug cartels and taught the gangs to use automatic weapons...

Drug Runner in 1969


Utah Phase 1
Poetry book contains the lyrics and lead sheets used by American Zen for recording their first two albums.

Also includes poems and lyrics not found on either album, LEVEL 1 = PEACE OF MIND, or LEVEL 2 = CHRIST KILLER.

A collector's item for all American Zen fans.

See what it was like for Coyote to battle the Mormons finally return to California with his tail between his legs.

Summer Forevers

Completed just prior to becoming, "The Coyote," our Zen Pup strives to become a man and a hero. Having graduated from his Autumn Flavours study of the darkness within humans, to the immature loves of Winter Flowers, to the lusty sexual explorations of Spring Fevers... our folk rock troubadour emerges in Summer Forevers with a spiritual foundation for his manhood.

At age 30, Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote, (known as "Buddha Zhen" since 2007), pieces together his biblical role models, Robin Hood, and James Bond 007, to become "Richard O'Connor."

4th Season of Life
poetry book

Spring Fevers

This is romantic, sexy, and sometimes bizarre and kinky.


Back in the 1970s, this was really nasty, because Coyote was really young.

Now, it may not seem so perverted -- but some of these poems wer Coyote's attempts to stretch and experiment with sexual boundaries... as he was in real life.

This has some true sex, some fantasy sex, and some sex we'd rather not talk about at all.


Erotic poetry from 1970s
poetry book

Winter Flowers

Coyote's theory about life existing in seasons that are comprised of years, has been proven true.

Some seasons last a year, sometimes several years. It depends upon the person and their environment.

These were the romances of Coyote during the 1970s.


Romance in the 1970s
poetry book

Autumn Flavours
First poetry book written by The Hippy Coyote of American Zen. One of 4 books.

This is Coyote's earliest poetry. Some dark and moody poems with bizarre themes ranging from cannibalism to devil worship.

Coyote dated a witch in the early seventies who really messed with his head "Her brother was a Carpenter Apprentice in my Union Brotherhood classes. He strongly warned me not to date her."

Coyote's 1st Season of Life
poetry book

America's First Buddhist Rock Band, American Zen



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