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Is Coyote the Anti-Christ?

by The Hippy Coyote

Thanks for asking.

I don't think I've got a 666 on my head.

I guess when I shave my head for the Shaolin Chi Mantis Buddhist Initiation, I'll get to make sure.

I may be an alien, but what is an Anti-Christ?

Most of these religious terms come from people who are willing to apply them to anyone they don't like.

The Mormons boycotted my earthly enterprises, they sent letters to my employers and got me fired from the YWCA, sent letters to magazine editors when I published articles telling them not to print any more articles by me.. I'm pretty sure they probably excommunicated me too.

But I have nothing against Christ at all. I think he was amazing. It's the religion that makes statues of him with blood pouring down his mostly naked body, with blood dripping from his forehead, nails in his hands...


Sorry. Maybe those who idolize JFK should put pictures of his blown open skull in their living rooms?

And why isn't Martin Luther King idolized with pictures of his rifled body?

If anything, I think I'm a best friend of Christ and want to promote a better image of him. 8-year-old Rory said, "Christ is an Arabian Jew so he should look less European." Smart kid.

Anyway, just remember, when I criticize Christianity, I'm criticizing the Bozos who run the church. Oh yeah, that's blasphemy. Hmmm. Then I'm criticizing the poorly translated Bible. Oh yeah, that's blasphemy too.

Oh well. Maybe I am the anti-christ.


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