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About Steve Hixon
Drummer, American Zen

by The Hippy Coyote

I had to record a lot of the percussion on this album because Steve was in California and I was in Utah.

I'm happy to give him all the credit for all the percussion, but he's not happy about taking credit for what he didn't do.

What he did do, like on "God Will Protect" and "The End The Horizon," was awesome.

Since I've returned we've been rehearsing the next album, LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me. He is going to really make heads turn now.

On this and the previous American Zen album, he only got one track for his entire drums set. Oh yeah, the song, "A Long Way Home," was cut with his drums in stereo with Rory playing wah-wah guitar on the same stereo tracks. Producer Richard O'Connor was trying to give us a bigger sound.

But on our next album, Steve is going to finally get more recording space. He went out last night and bought a new pair of Sabian High Hats, just so he could sound like Ginger Baker of Cream. He's got his entire drumset tuned like Ginger now. It sounds so cool!

Steve didn't get as much space on LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer as he would've if I hadn't been in Utah recording the basic tracks without him.

We considered adding his drums to some songs that I played percussion on, but we decided this helped our "Folk Rock" image a little. People complain I'm too wild and rock'n'roll with just my acoustic guitar...

So Steve's my bud and I am really looking forward to cutting our next album. We're just finishing the vocals on LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer, so hold your hats and watch out for Steve. He's coming.

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