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Flavors of Misunderstanding

by The Hippy Coyote

God told Mohammed that HE had sent prophets to all the different races of the different parts of the world.

God told Mohammed that since HE had already sent prophets to all parts of the world, that he, Mohammed was to be the LAST PROPHET.

The Mormon's have a prophet, Joseph Smith, who 'stumbled' onto some golden manuscripts that were the word of God and became a prophet perhaps accidentally. After all, if God says that there are to be no more prophets, yet there is one, then God would have made a mistake. That would make God fallible.

Oops. God doesn't make mistakes.

Or was the prophet Mohammed misinformed?

Or was Joseph not a real prophet?

Or were those not divine tablets?

Or does God really not see the future?

Or did God make a mistake when he spoke to Mohammed?

Uh-oh. If God is fallible - -

That would throw off ALL the Christian religions.

Fact is, God has always been recreated in that Olympian concept of being up in the clouds and throwing lightning bolts at his enemies...

Interesting how so many cultures and nations have enlisted the aid of God against other humans. That would be like asking your father to kill your brother for you. Uh-huh.

If God chooses favorites then he's more like a mortal father than an omnipotent being. And what father would kill his own sons and why do people think God would actually kill other humans anyway? Is that a heavenly sport?

"Hey Archangel Michael, lets go hunt humans today."

Plus, if God knows the future and HE knows we're going to ask for HIS help, couldn't he just give us the help before we ask...

Or, if HE'S so sensitive to require placating, gifts and begging - - does HE really HAVE everything? How big a sacrifice does it take to get God's attention?

Or, if any religion actually represents God on earth, how could HE allow them to make so many mistakes and embarrass HIS image?

Or, If God doesn't care if HIS name is misused, why has HE supposedly made commandments about misusing even HIS spoken name?

Or, if God cares, but allows mistakes, but doesn't like mistakes, has the power to stop mistakes, but doesn't stop mistakes, but created our ability to make mistakes, but will punish us for making mistakes, but gave us freewill to make mistakes, but is all forgiving, then do mistakes matter at all?


No matter what you decide is the truth, you are going to piss SOMEBODY off.

I'm not saying who's right or wrong or real or false.

I'm just giving you something to think about.

Hey, I just thought I'd share some spiritual quandary with you.

If you're not confused, then you don't care.

If you don't care, you must be on drugs.

At least that's what Officer ______________ told me.

Actually, he was one of the only officers to earn my respect as a troubled youth.

I'd been picked up off my feet and slammed into walls by policemen (I weighed a lot less back then before I'd finished growing and before I started into Carpentry).

Oh, yeah, I've got copper tales for you. They used to park outside my house and drive alongside me on my way to school. I used to get a police escort. They were doing it to bug me.

Sheesh. I was famous at the age of 15 by those standards.

I remember this one pair. One was HUGE, built like a football player. The other was small and scrawny.

True story.

Oops. I forgot. Nothing in this website is true.

Uh. Oh yeah.

Back to my story.

Fictional story.

I'm in High school.

I get a note to go to the principal's office.

When I get there the lady in the office reads my slip and points to a counseling room, not the principal's actual office.

I walk in the room and these two police goons are in there.

I don't remember if they asked my name. Somehow, I anticipated this scenario to some extent.

I've always had good awareness. I smelled trouble.

Oh, you think a slip of paper telling you to go to the office is trouble?

Not true.

As a youngster I was teacher's pet. I was the principal's favorite.

Coyote on patrol boy duty

I was a Patrol boy

I was a straight A student.

Actually, I used to have more enemies from being a good student than I ever had when I became a bad student.

Like I was saying, I knew trouble was coming.

I put on my red bandana headband, and entered the office.

I'd been in this room before. The counselor for this high school had given me a couple interviews regarding career potentials and college planning. What a waste of time and government money. The school counselor was an idiot. I thought so then and think so now. Hopefully he helped someone. But I doubt it.

Oh yeah, back to the guard dog goon squad. The big burly cop picks me up by my shirt and starts slamming my whole body and back of my head into the wall.
WOW! Some things you never forget.

Even in fictional stories like this.

If they were talking to me I couldn't hear them because my heart was pounding so loud.

Then the little guy points a Polaroid camera at me and - swoosh - out pops this picture of me with big old bug eyes, my body still being suspended in the air.

"We're gonna pass this picture around to every policeman in this neighborhood and every time they see you they are gonna hassle you. They will all be informed to arrest you on sight if we can find anything in your pockets..."

Maybe he said something else. I was in an out of body state now. I could see the copy holding me and the other cop talking to me.

Sheesh. Maybe I was dead.

Well, they literally scared the life out of me.

How did I get to this story? Oh yeah, I remember. There was another cop, on another occasion, who talked to me in the principal's office. He said something to me that stuck in my mind the rest of my life. Actually, I thought he was ridiculous at the time. But his words echoed within me until I eventually found a truth in them. He said, "Do you want to live in a world where no one cares?"

Ironic. I've devoted my life to ending the violence and hatred I felt from that big burly cop and creating a world where people do care about everything possible.

Hey! Don't get me wrong. I'm not thanking those cops or supporting their efforts. I'm just pointing out an irony or coincidence.

After all, that's really the gospel of Zen Buddhism: FIND ENLIGHTENMENT IN ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE.

So keep your eyes open, (not bug eyed), and remember what people say. You might learn something worth repeating. You might learn something not worth repeating. You might even become inspired to IMPROVE something.

If anything, I'd redo the whole judicial system in a lot of ways...


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The Coyote

"People live in a yin/Yang reality
where their life and reactions to life
are based on two opposing principles.

Some people live in a reality of FEAR / HATE:

They are either in fear of someone's hatred
or they are causing someone to fear them
with their hatred.

Others may live in a world of LOVE / DISAPPOINTMENT:

They are either being LOVED

Others live in GREED / DESIRE:

Where they DESIRE what you have
or are GREEDY with what they do have.

There are many Yin /Yangs to choose from.

What Yin / Yang did you choose?"

Zhen Shen-Lang

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