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Everybody's searching for something better than what they have.

And hey! I can definitely use a new life. Or at least a better one.

Getting away from my parents was a step in the right direction.
Problem is - - which direction?

No matter which way I go that old "Life is suffering" phrase haunts me.

Sure, it's a bummer being poor. But things often are far worse than that.
And "When it rains it pours." Yeah, whoever wrote that was a real Zenner.
Oh yeah. Religion.
Now there's a real downer.
I don't want to even start to think of the unanswered prayers.

If there's a God, and he can hear me, he's one uncaring son-of-a - -
Oh yeah, God is the father of all fathers.
So God has no father. God is like the "Who came first - the chicken or the egg?"
Personally I am not gonna worship a bird. In fact, I'd prefer to worship a God who answers my phone calls once in a while.

Kind of like my Landlord. My apartment has to be knee deep in toilet water overflow before he'll return my call and get a plumber.
Then again, that's when most people really put some sincerity in their prayers.
That's also when most people make those 2-faced promises: "Please God. Help me get my flat tire fixed and I promise to go to church on Sundays...and oh yeah I won't tell any more lies - - ever again!"
So then miraculously, someone stops to help them on the roadside. "Oh thank you God." Then they forget those promises they made.
Or maybe that's why there are so many disgruntled faces in church. They all made a deal with God to show up to church if they got something.


Look around at the people in your church.
Everybody looks like they need to go to the bathroom, real bad.

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