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America's First Buddhist Rock Band ™
LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind


A Long-Haired Hippie Buddhist in Mormon Utah

Lured to Utah by a cute blonde, Coyote begins an odyssey that strengthens his faith, strengthens his body, and matures his mind.

Level 1 CD CoverLevel 1 of their 8 level journey up the ladder of Buddhism, begins with this musical story of Coyote being hounded by Mormons and adopted by the Chinese community.

Bandmembers made several trips to Utah. Recorded in his living room, Coyote drove the neighbors nuts with drums and full blast guitars to get the 'live' sound.

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"We recorded in the hallway, which was really awesome," pants Coyote, "but, I had to warn the neighbors and record during the day when they were at work."

A simple straight forward folk rock album by America's First Buddhist Rock Band, American Zen.

Thanks Dick. I'll take over from here.

Coyote party crasher flutist
Coyote here.

I'm your guide and we're going within.

Hang on. You fall behind, I'm not coming back for you.

I think that's my new motto: No going backwards for anybody.

After being in Utah I feel like i took a spiritual trip into the Dark Ages. I might have enjoyed it more if I wasn't their animal sacrifice...and Coyote seemed to be their favorite offering...

So, you get 4 ways to see each level of our Shaolin Records records.

I tell the story with lyrics, poetry, and music.

Tom tells about the girls and beach life.

Rory tells about how aliens are controlling the internet.

Steve will tell you everything that's wrong with everybody.

Oh yeah. And our recording engineer, Don DelaVega, says he wants to add some webpages about recording techniques or something.

Whatever it is. It is.

All aboard.

Elevator to subconscious.

Going down

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Coyote versus the Utah Mormons
American Zen's debut album:
LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
A hippie in Utah