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LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind

LEVEL 1 Poetry


As bad as this past year may have been,
I'm somehow happier than ever.
I do look forward to having more fun,
but my productivity has been incredible this year.
Scores of poems, 40 songs, a loving family,
5 books and a half dozen music and poetry performances add up to a great year.

Hardship has its rewards.

Half of these poems are lyrics with songs that may have already been recorded. These poems that chronicle my life and experiences are approximately in the order they were written.

Enjoy what was often unenjoyable.

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End of the Line
American Zen

11 songs to kick your ass
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From the Kung Fu Cowboy.
Recorded in his truck.


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Coyote versus the Utah Mormons
American Zen's debut album:
LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
A hippie in Utah