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LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind


LEVEL 1 Poetry

Peace Of Mind #2

Outside the train station,
12-string guitar
Flute beside my backpack,
Close friends we've come far
To be here all alone,
On this concrete curb
Money's gone, love's passed,
Future dangling telephone

Peace of mind
Peace of mind
Peace of mind

Sidewalks in Ocean Beach
My flute's in a holster, easy reach
The sound of people laughing, a band in the backyard plays
Whipping out my nickel passport, another chance to play today

Peace of mind
Peace of mind
Peace of mind


Cars break down, lovers leave,
That's part of living this life
Expectations of friends,
Stabbed with your own knife
Gotta learn to not need much,
Carry dreams in front pockets
Satisfied to sing,
Satisfied with the food I'm eating

Peace of mind
Peace of mind...

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