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LEVEL 1 Poetry


California is still the last American frontier.
Despite all the lemmings that migrate without awareness to the beaches of Eden,,,,,
Californians are the last pioneers of humanity
who still seek complete freedom and a new question to ask.
Living here in Utah,
I feel like the last Californian on this entire planet.
The Coyote        

A t-shirt in the sunset
Scarlet flames warm the sky
I can feel the ocean's breath
When you look into my eye
Barbecues on the porch
Soft cool touch of the night
Evening is the time to go
Driving with the radio

California is alive
Now I'm gone, when will I arrive?
California is a dream
A long way home

Faces of glass and metal
Appliance lives
Religion and rules
Are financial tools
Police are invisible
Greed is the hidden dream
Love is a conquered fear
Women are leaving here

Utah is dead
Saints and ghosts, cross my bed
California is a dream
A long way home

Winter's knife carved out my heart
Lawyers wrestle for a part
English has abandoned me
Words mean less than I can see
Vultures circle just above
Abandoning the wagon train
Shelter of apologies
Now the snow has turned to rain
Springtime has arrived
Working late behind the prison gate
California is a dream
A long way home


Flowers, trees, in my mind
Somewhere I know I'll find
Comfort and safety
California I can see
Prison letters and business plans
Kung Fu teaches that you can
Casting hooks to drag me free
Waiting for my chance to be

Summer will come
Working hard to get my work done
California is a dream
A long way home
Looking for that last goodbye
Friendship pretends not to lie
Building what I'll leave behind
Never know what I will find
Making most of being good
Our future is understood
Business is so unclear
When I search for something here
California is alive
In my mind
California is a dream
A long way home

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