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About Tom Calder
Bassist of American Zen

by The Hippy Coyote

This is a tough one.

This has been a bad year for Tom.

He visited me twice in Utah.

Both times he was 'running' from something.

I think he was REALLY RUNNING, because he got THREE speeding tickets the first time he visited me. I think he said something about driving off the road once also in the desert --

I'll be curious to see what he writes in his website.

I love you Tom! Let's go on the road or something.

That's been frustrating for me. I want to perform. Oh yeah, this is about Tom.

Okay. I love performing with Tom. He lays down these big fat Motown style grooves -- he's awesome to jam with. He can carry the rhythm, the melody, and the mood of the song, all at the same time -- which sets the mood for the rest of us. When Tom's pounding on his bass we're pounding...

I've jammed and recorded with a lot of bass players, some real famous. But Tom's my favorite bass player of all time. Jamming with Tom always results in a new song. When we record rehearsals I'm always telling Tom, "Don't change that riff," because he just nails those riffs as good as they can be nailed.

Carpenter bass? Nah! Romantic bass? Yes!

I hope Tom tells you about this girl in Utah he played bass for...

Anyway. Tom you're the best. You should get an award. I hope the BASS MAGAZINES recognize you soon.

Seriously! Tom, you should have your picture on the cover of BASS PLAYER magazine.


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