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LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind


About The Coyote
Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Flutist, Acoustic Guitarist, Percussionist

Coyote at a party with flute

People don't know what to think of Coyote. He has to be the most misunderstood guy I've ever known.

People treat him like he was an alien or something. Maybe he is. That would explain a lot of things.

Coyote's a super-dude. I watch out for him at parties. He says people have always picked on him.

Well, people fear what they don't understand and Coyote's one of, no THE HARDEST person to understand that I've ever known.

But that's cuz he expects more of us than anybody else.

     Coyote's Best Friend,
     Steve Hixon

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