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LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind

About Don DelaVega
Recording Engineer Don DelaVega in Yuma Desert

 Our desert boy Don, is the perfect Recording Engineer for American Zen. He is so focused that he keeps us focused. When people are losing track of the song and even I'm getting too caught up in the technology, Don jumps in with a witty remark or just tells us "Forget the concept--let's do this *******.

It's taken a little work, but we're getting him to stop cussing so much.

"It's important for a Producer to trust his Engineer. Don always does more than I ask of him. He's also got a sharp ear. I depend on him a lot.

There, I said it. But don't ask for a raise.

Oh, and Don's visions of our multimedia studio of the future keep us all inspired and looking forward to the future of Shaolin Communications, Shaolin Records and Shaolin Chi Mantis .

Check out Don's website:

Don DelaVega's personal Website

Sincerely,Richard O'Connor,
President-Producer Shaolin Records   

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