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Record Producer of American Zen

Record Producer, Richard O'ConnorRichard was smart to select me to write his biography.

Richard O'Connor is the main record producer and founder of Shaolin Records.

Richard created Shaolin Records back in 1984 when he released the VINYL record, "TEMPTATION," which really sold well in Europe. We recently found a record company that has been bootlegging that record and selling it for the past twenty years unbeknownst to him.

He's a great Producer. I've seen him take some untalented musicians and make them sound better than they ever could've without him.

With American Zen he's great, but frustrated. He always has these wild visions and bizarre recording ideas. Most of the time they work out better than anyone could imagine. Unfortunately, our finances and equipment limitations hinder our ability to recreate many of his ideas and creative concepts.

Richard's best talent as a Producer is his ability to really inspire the musicians to perform their best.

He's gonna be a great movie director someday. He understands people and treats them very individually. He's a tough boss, but he's always right.

"Can I have a raise now?"

Don DelaVega, Recording Engineer for Shaolin Records

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