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America's First Buddhist Rock Band™
LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind

Slide Guitar, Lead Guitar, Analog Synthesizer

Gibson SG Guitar of Rory GRory G. is a seclusionist.

Dick- -I mean - - Richard O'Connor, our illustrious producer,Mr. Goodie 2-shoes, went and looked it up in the dictionary. "Living apart from others..."

That does describe Rory. Course, he spends most of his time alone with his guitars, so we don't mind. He definitely spends more time practicing than we do. That's how we wrote "I Am Not From Here." Rory just kept going when we were recording in the studio. Everybody else had stopped at the end of the song, but Rory just kept on going- -as if we were all still playing along- -just kept playing. It was awesome. We just sat quiet until he finished recording the entire basic track, the slide guitar of, what came to be "I Am Not From Here."

That's what it's like when we get together as American Zen. We all just mesh without effort. We inspire and support each other. If only we could record all our JAM SESSIONS. They pop out no matter where we are. Some of our songs have been written that way. Someone will just happen to have a tape recorder going for evaluating or remembering musical arrangements and we'll accidentally record a spontaneous jam song- - it's amazing. You listen to the tape later and we're tagging each other as if we'd rehearsed the song a hundred times. I really like working with these guys, it doesn't get better than this.

I wonder what Rory is going to write about me?

Tom Calder (his bass buddy)

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