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Being Bothered By What I Say

My girlfriend says I need to learn "tact."
I work real hard not to use cuss words.
I listen to what other people say.
I try real hard to understand other peoples' point of view.
Then I tell them mine.

I don't care if you agree with me or not.
I listened to what you had to say.
So listen to me now!

I hurt too many feelings.
It's not that I tell lies.
It's not that I even try to hurt people's feelings.
But the truth can hurt.
By the way, that's another word for Buddhism, I am told. "TRUTH."
Buddhism is more of a science, I think, than a religion.
Did you know that Buddhism doesn't say whether there is a God?
Of course, Buddhism doesn't say there isn't a God either.
Now that's tactful.
I've gotta figure out how to say what I think without telling people how not to think.
When I can do that I'll be a Buddhist, or at least more tactful.

Hopefully, Buddhism will help me get along with my girlfriend better.
But that means if Buddhism is The Truth,
and telling the truth gets me in so much trouble...
I don't know.

My girlfriend's gonna probably dump me for a real Catholic.
Every time she starts to talk about marriage I get this feeling in my stomach like I swallowed a rock.
I'm gonna get in trouble for saying that now...

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