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LEVEL 1 Stories

The More You Pull The More I Push

Those Mormon missionaries were knocking on my door again.
Woke me up from a really nice dream.
Really. There were these TWO girls...

Anyway, it's hard to get mad at them. They are so damned polite.

Catholics know better. Or maybe Catholics are just too disobedient. I'm not knocking door to door to sell cookies or Jesus.

Gotta laugh though. There's no way you're gonna get me in a white shirt and tie again. I did that in High School.

Hah! I never owned one of those blue blazers like everyone else either. I HAD BLUE SWEATERS.
I don't know where I got that idea, but I had a collection of blue sweaters for my school uniform.
Mostly v-necks.
I should've worn turtle necks and covered up that _____tie. I wanted to cuss there.

Hey, I'm getting more tactful already.

But I've got a theory.
People annoy each other to escape each other.
You just bug each other 'til somebody splits.
Then you're free to chase after someone else.
I think if I ever do get along with a girl I will marry her.

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