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LEVEL 1 Poetry

When Children Are Unwanted

When children are unwanted
Where do they get their love?

When children are not needed
Who are you thinking of?

When children are not cared for
How much can they tolerate?

When children are distracting
Will obligation turn to hate?

When children scream and cry
Does patience grow on trees?

When children need to play
Is a crib going to set them free?

When children keep you awake all night
Do they understand why you're mad?

When children break the things you love
Do you tell them they've been bad?

When children yell and point at nothing
Do you tell them to be quiet?

When children weep and need a nap
Do you sing them a soothing song?

When children throw their food at you
Do you throw it back?
Or do you smile and clean it up
That stain could be your soul

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