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LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind


LEVEL 1 Poetry

Nurturing Your Life

You wake three times a night
Sometimes even more
I hear your breaths and hiccups
Through the closed bedroom door
Before you wake from your nap
That bottle is on its way
Nothing soothes like your smile
Or watching you at play
Tearing up the phone book
Pulling out my files
Emptying out mother's dresser drawers
Wearing her underwear in various styles
Draping bras and panties
Like shawls upon your shoulder
It's amazing watching you grow
Each day I'm a lesson older
From each new word to each new dance
Springing on your tippy toes
My respect, admiration, and my love
For you each day they grow
My daughter's hugs and kisses
Mean as much as those of my wife
The future holds
unimagined expectations
Nurturing your life


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