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LEVEL 1 Poetry

My dog, Frisky, was my best friend through my "wonder years."
We hiked together in the canyons behind my home for many years together.
She taught me many of my communication skills.


When I got deported to Canada, I had to leave her behind.
Supposedly, she got kinda snappy in my absence.
They put her to sleep when she bit someone.
She's the one girl in my life I should've never left behind.


The Teacher Was He

Frisky, hopping high
Like a fish out of water
Over the drying knee high grass
A few stickers in my socks

The scent of hot dry sage
Memories of my youth still with me
Listening today with headphones
To an album, Mint Tattoo

One of my favorites of '68
The bass player with full Precision
Blows my mind, him I'd imitate
Burns Kellogg, before the Blue

He'd changed his name in '84
He produced the band I'd been hired for
Alisa & The Nomads
The musical whore
A handcuff prostitute
Everyone was Jewish except me on my '59 Ricky

Ethan James on the knobs
8-track Radio Tokyo
Producing us, "Living Underground"
He complimented my style
He, Burns Kellogg, stroking me
I replied with an off-balance smile,"I had a great teacher"
The teacher was he

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