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LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind


LEVEL 1 Poetry

The Power

The counselor at Decker Lake
Speaks highly of my success
The kids I teach seem better off
I'd like to think I'm blessed

Blessed with ability to bless other people
I want to see, understand and direct
People all have a chance,
of this I wish to show
The less people hate themselves,
the better our world will grow

What happened to them I can't undo
As abilities I guide and arrange
Yes, the future is a better place
When we decide to make a change

It's right to influence
When you mean well
When you believe the absolute best
Is what you sell

It's right to make a judgment
And to judge yourself
Each of us
Is God

The power to see
        is God
The power to change
        is God
The power to give
        is God
The power to take
         is not

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