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Wear Your LEVEL 3 Zen

CD IMPRINT Label of American Zen Level 3Album Title:  "LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me"
Artist:  American Zen
Record Company:  Shaolin Records
Released:  September 11, 2008

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A nice mix of a new country with an old philosophy.
AMERICAN ZEN is also the band name of our Buddhist Rockers featuring Coyote from San Diego. Visit our website for their FOLK ROCK albums.
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Be a Zenner! Join our Buddhist Rockers, American Zen, on their journey of love, lust, and enlightenment.
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American Zen is Everywhere
Even in your underwear.


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End of The Line album cover
End of the Line
American Zen

11 songs to kick your ass
or donkey, or horse...

From the Kung Fu Cowboy.
Recorded in his truck.


Calligraphy by The Coyote
poetry book 2009

Fugitive of ignorance
American Zen's debut album:
LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
A hippie in Utah