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LEVEL 3 Webstory:

I Always Want You To Love Me

by The Hippy Coyote

This is my third time writing this webpage.

The first time was love lost...I love you...I want you...

The second was pissed off: you didn't wait, you gave up, you lied...

This one is from a guy up on LEVEL 4 = KUNG FU COWBOY.

My roadie, Kathi GraceLess emotional.

Less bitterness.

Life is like watching a movie...eventually.

If you can get past the emotion you can move on.

I've got new emotional obstacles to deal with...

But I love you. I love you all. Whoever you are. Whoever you were.

My favorite roadieI'm ready for love.

I'm open minded again about love.

I don't care what size or color or nationality or species...alright, I'll set some limits:

  • Kathi with contestant for Mrs. CoyoteShe has to like me
  • and...she can cook...or pay for dinner
  • she's a great housekeeper...or has great room service!
  • uh...she has to like to look at me...and tell me when I've got a nose hair...
  • but, I don't want some doctor I see just one or two hours a day--If I'm really in love, then I want her there all day never know when you'll get an opportunity to...and then we could...
  • SEE!
  • I'll know I've found her when I see her there!

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