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Supersoul 1
- Discovering the Soul of God

Follow Coyote's Summer of discovery in 2013 as he reformats the ancient Vedic Scriptures and Bhagavad Gita into a spiritual concept for Americans.

Each person has two souls. The personal soul PLUS the Supersoul enable a person to identify and harmonize with the essence of God. This is how we all have the same innate sense of right and wrong.

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Supersoul 1 book by Richard Del Connor
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Human Values for Success in Family and Business
- Book #1 of 4

This book will provide you the best possible ways to be successful with all aspects of your personal life, business life, political life, and family life. By considering these concepts in relation to any marital or business partner--the outcome of the relationship can be planned in advance. By utilizing the concepts of this book to evaluate any existing relationship--the successes, failures and difficulties can be easily understood.

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Connor Black Hole Bubble Theory
- Origins of Big Bang and Where Black Holes Lead To

Discovered in the 1980s, Richard's "Black Hole Bubble Theory" is a larger view of our reality. Our universe is within a bubble within a black ocean of tar that we mistake for "black holes." Richard hopes to help Prof. Hawking with his Big Bang theories and provide the missing concepts that are befuddling today's theorists, astronomers, and scientists. A black hole is a hole in our bubble.

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Father Earth
- Mother Earth is Our Father

Perhaps the new name, "Father Earth," will invoke and inspire more respect for our home planet. Rachel Connor suggests we combine the titles of "Mother Nature" and "Father Earth" to promote better care for our life source.

Rachel jokes, if you want to call it, "Petrified Turtle," she'll vote for that also.

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It's a Woman's World
- Putting men in their proper place

Rachel has found the way to save our world, end unemployment, and end all wars. By removing all men from the military and workplace, she has determined that equality is a reversal of the past. With men raising children and women filling all jobs, the world will become the Heaven it was intended to be.

A new national religion? All Olympic sports would be restarted with the inheritances of...

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Tao of Taoism
- Using the Dao Te Ching to Improve Your Life

Buddha Zhen created this book in 1993 for his Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan schools. After seeing the results and benefits from his students using the book, he created this new ebook version for his current Kung Fu and Tai Chi Students and his new internet audience.

Learn to be in harmony with yourself and with Nature as taught by Lao Tzu.

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Tai Chi Beginner Class Reading Manual
- Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form of Shaolin Chi Mantis

This "Class Reading Manual" version of the original Tai Chi Beginner - Yang Style of Shaolin Chi Mantis book, has been designed for the ebook formats. This book has improved the health and lives of over 300 students taught in Utah and California since its first 1992 publication in a maximum security prison. The quintessential information of the original 1992-2011 class notebook is contained and condensed for your convenience in this new ebook format.

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Masonic Kung Fu
- BOOK 1

In 2009, Richard Del Connor received his 3rd Degree in Freemasonry making him a "Master Mason." While studying to pass his "3rd Degree Proficiency Test," Richard discovered that a Kung Fu Form he taught was encoded with the secret hand signs and symbols of Modern Masonry. He wrote this novel about teens and a British Mason in China when the Japanese were invading in 1937 with facts he found.

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The Potatoe Valentine & Other Love Poems

Searching for answers from his past to unlock the success of his future, Coyote dug out his memories of past lovers and the women he'd lived with in the 1970s. He uncovered a wealth of romantic feelings. Unable to discover any guilt or blame he may have earned, Coyote emerged in a newborn passion for life, and a confidence in his abilities and compassion.

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Rainbow in the Shade
- An antiwar poetic autobiography of the happy hippie, The Hippy Coyote

Exiled from the USA in 1970, our artistic antiwar musician lived on a boat in Newfoundland, then hitchhiked Canada and North America, singing of love, peace, and the joy of life. Watching wars, murder and abuse perpetuated by generation after generation, Coyote's poetry of peace was watered by the blood of friends and relatives as he watched the world suffer from his "rainbow in the shade."

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Summer Forevers
Book #4 of 4 of the poetry book series: Season of Fours

This is book #4 of the poetry book series, Season of Fours, by Richard Del Connor. This poetry was written during the early 1980s before transforming into The Coyote in 1984.

Richard lived in Santa Monica and Venice Beach while writing this book about an endless Summer that lasted for several years as he worked for Fleetwood Mac, Frank Zappa, Badfinger, Supertramp and performed with his rock band, The Rich.

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Spring Fevers
- Book #3 of 4 of the poetry book series: Season of Fours

This book, Spring Fevers, was Coyote's escape from the confines of lyrics and an escape beyond his sexual moralities. This self-indulgent trip into an adult world of sex, was seeking to understand all the different possibilities, mistakes, rewards, and adventure into personal hidden dark secret desires... while learning how to satisfy his demanding 1970s sexmates.

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Coyote In A Graveyard
The 1984 Screenplay by Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote

Thumper is a patient of a mental hospital where he falls in love with Elaine, a teen runaway that has been scooped up by the hospital to collect more government benefits.

The love affair becomes complicated when Elaine and Head Nurse have a homosexual affair. Thumper is kept under control with experimental dream therapy drugs because without drugs, he hallucinates, that other people can see also.

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Winter Flowers
Book #2 of 4 of the poetry book series:
Season of Fours

Romantic naive ignorance. This is the book that finds you eating ice cream or chugging beers trying not to cry over the relationship that just broke up. You can't believe it. You dated, slept together, went to restaurants and movies. Had sex. Went to concerts together. Had sex. You enjoyed watching television shows together--then he/she dumped you. It was perfect... but it only lasted 3 weeks.

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History of Zen from A to Z
Including the Meaning of Life, Creation of Heaven, Hell, Humans and Earth...

Co-written by Satan? Richard says he'll be glad to take full credit. Either way, it is a new view of human history and the history of our entire universe.

This unusual version of history starts with God alone, and ends with the creation of Zen Buddhism by Bodhidharma, with Satan alongside. The Garden of Eden, creation of Heaven, and the Tower of Babel are included in Saten's stories.

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The AntiChrist
A poetic novel by Richard Del Connor

The book, History of Zen from A to Z, provided Coyote new information about these biblical stories from a different perspective provided by Archangel Saten. (He told Coyote to spell his name differently since he was not the true author of the works attributed to "Satan," which were written by mortals--not him.) This new information made Coyote's prior knowledge obsolete, or different. Rather than rewrite this book to match up with his new understandings of Heaven, Hell, Adam, Eve, and the Garden Of Eden, he left this book the way it was originally written.

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4 Decades of Love
Written and composed by Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote

From being a hippie in 1960s, recording engineer in 1970s, rock star photographer in 1980s, and Mr. Mom in 1990s, Coyote created a musical biography of his loves and lovers. These lyrics include guitar chords above them so you can play along to his love songs. This romantic autobiography was compiled for a Freemason fundraiser he performed after becoming a 3rd Degree Master Mason in 2009.

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Kung Fu Cowboy 

Handwritten ROUGH DRAFT of book created by The Hippy Coyote to plan album songs of LEVEL 4 = KUNG FU COWBOY.

Read the book that was the original blueprint for the LEVEL 4 = KUNG FU COWBOY albums. Coyote's handwritten poetry and readable scribbles provide a unique view of Coyote's unique view of reality.

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Autumn Flavours
First Season of Four Seasons of The Hippy Coyote's Life

First poetry book written by The Hippy Coyote of American Zen. One of 4 books comprising the Season Of Fours poetry book series.

This is Coyote's earliest poetry. Some dark and moody poems with bizarre themes ranging from cannibalism to devil worship.

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Buddha Kung Fu
Student Manual

1st Student Manual for all students of Buddha Kung Fu schools. Lots of photography by The Hippy Coyote. 1st interactive Kung Fu manual in the world.

Take a look at what real traditional Chinese Kung Fu is about. Essays include, "Loyalty," "Filial Piety," "Devotion," and other concepts that are of benefit to mankind but not taught to children or adults anymore.

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Sid's Place
Tom Calder's life underground in the psychedelic sixties of California

Novel by The Hippy Coyote about drug runners and revolutionaries in 1969.

If you've never taken LSD before, this book may be the closest experience you'll have to the real thing. Visit the underground world of the Flower Power Years before the D.E.A. created the drug cartels and taught the gangs to use automatic weapons...

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Utah Phase 1
Adventures of a Buddhist Hippy in Mormon Utah

Poetry book contains the lyrics and lead sheets used by American Zen for recording their first two albums:
LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer

See what it was like for Coyote to battle the Mormons of Salt Lake City, Utah.

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America's First Buddhist Rock Band, American Zen



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