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American Zen's Debut album coverWelcome to American Zen
America's First Buddhist Rock Band™

Whatever runs counter

To the mind and will of ordinary people

Hinders the Law of Man

And the Law of Buddha.
    Buddhist Warrior Monk

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Mean and green Zen MachineJoin American Zen on a Buddhist Journey!

We are vegetables, no mineralsWhat's a Buddhist Journey?

We don't know either. That's what makes it so exciting!

We're going to travel the Shaolin Zen Buddhist path. This is similar to the warrior monks of the television series starring David Carradine, KUNG FU. Our SHAOLIN Kung Fu and ZEN Buddhism both originated 1500 years ago at the original Shaolin Temple, on Mt. Songshan.

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Utilizing the Zen Buddhism of the Shaolin Zen CyberTemple:
and utilizing the songwriting and musicianship of The Coyote, this folk rock band, AMERICAN ZEN, will endeavor to be more than America's first Buddhist Rock band. American Zen will endeavor to discover enlightenment, reach nirvana, and demonstrate the effects of Zen Buddhism on an American.

We're going to learn Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

We're going to write and record songs that tell the story of The Coyote and American Zen. We hope to entertain you and set a good example for you to follow.



We're going to try to improve our lives while still trying to have more fun and better times. We want to create our Heaven on Earth, our Nirvana.

We're going to share our Buddhist information with you, and you can see whether it works or not.

SwordmasterI hope it works on them, because like all people, these Zen boys could use some improvements.

Most importantly though, they've all signed releases and waivers and I can tell you all about what happens to them and they can't sue me. If I edit anything out, it will mostly be their language or their sex lives. One needs editing and the other -- well, it needs editing too.

I'm anxious to travel this Buddhist Journey with American Zen as their Record Producer.

I'm Richard O'Connor, born in a hospital they tore down immediately afterward... This is their story. I'll tell you about it, but mostly, I'm going to let THEM TELL YOU.

Each member of American Zen has been given their own website within the American Zen website. So each bandmember can tell their own story in their own words. (Hopefully not requiring editing.)

My ManagerSo have fun. I know I will.

Richard O'Connor, February 2005
Record Producer of American Zen for Shaolin Records
Dragon Blood Signature Chop of Richard O'Connor



America's First Buddhist Rock Band, American Zen



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